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Human society is quietly into the "green era"

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Since the 1980s, in the grim reality, the desire for survival and the propaganda of public opinion, the concept of human environment and resource protection has been strengthened, and a number of green organizations have been set up. Many countries have promulgated relevant laws and regulations, For example, the French regulations, the 1993 consumer goods packaging, must be at least half of the recycling; Germany regulations.

Manufacturers must self-recovery of their own packaging materials, including automotive and electronic products. At the same time, people's "green consumption" awareness is also significantly improved, according to statistics, more than 40% of consumers are willing to benefit the protection of the environment to pay more money, ring ridge has gradually become an important factor in sales. Human society is quietly into the "green era".

In this context, many companies are beginning to compete to develop "green technology", that is, cleaner production technology, resource recycling technology, pollution control technology and restoration of ecological technology, etc. For example, a German textile research center first developed a Water dyeing technology. Thus overcoming the shortcomings of the previous waste water pollution of the ecological environment since the 90s, many companies began to produce "green products", the use of "green packaging." "Green product" refers to the product in its manufacturing process low energy consumption, pollution-free products or through the corresponding measures to reduce its environmental hazards of the product. Such as Germany Schneider company launched the "green TV", its harmful electromagnetic radiation is only one thousandth of domestic TV and so on. The so-called "green packaging" refers to the use of non-toxic, pollution-free, recyclable packaging materials designed packaging.For example, China's Dalian Oasis Food Co., Ltd. developed the "paper tableware" to pure natural pulp as raw materials, Less natural, only 7-15. Days can be completely dissolved, do not leave any harmful substances. Truly "from nature, return to nature."

From the above can be seen. Packaging through the long and tortuous development history, today, the packaging of the connotation is far from "product container" can cover, packaging or art of crystallization. Information carrier, brand logo. Silent salesman .... In the flames of another, smoke filled the business war, the packaging is increasingly favored by the manufacturers, packaging competition to become the latest conventional weapons, packaging has entered a new realm of commodity promotion!


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