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Export of goods on the packaging requirements

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The specific requirements are further described in order for the relevant personnel to refer to:

1. Pay attention to the provisions, practices, customs duties and customs practices of the importing country for packaging.

Many countries have certain provisions on the packaging of imported goods, if not meet, you have to pay a fine, or class heavy taxes, or even not allowed to import, the general provisions of the ban on straw, hay, newspapers, books, raw cotton, Material or easy to breed pests, parasitic plant material for the cushion material.

As the packaging and the levy of tariffs, the freight of the goods is the largest volume of goods and the largest heavy eggs calculated, so different packaging there are different tariffs and freight, the weight of each piece of the general provisions of eight kilograms below. For the long, overweight goods are subject to additional charges. Some countries also have different ON rates for each package weight. In addition, the various ethnic groups in various countries and regions, due to customs, religion, beliefs and text of the different, for the packaging of the shape, packaging, horizontal graphics, color (see appendix), numbers and text are very different. In the international market often due to the packaging of the set of evil and affect the sale of goods.

2. Packaging methods to be scientific and reasonable

Solid and reliable, the province of materials, to protect transport, saving freight, to choose the choice of materials with a large capacity of large box, boxing arrangements reasonable, multi-use disassembly, suit; to the most compressed packaging volume, packaging type, The requirements for the standardization of packaging for export commodities, etc., must be in accordance with the requirements of the above articles, materials, shapes, structures, printed marks and the availability of goods, gaskets, packaging methods, terminology, inspection requirements and so on.

4. Foreign transport and handling of domestic transport signs

Where the common symbol of foreign transport and domestic transport, in line with the provisions of Article 3 can be written directly on the packaging, but only for domestic transport signs, such as the Ministry of Education Guangzhou procurement supply station, xx factory sent (out ), Etc., should be added to a small wooden plate after the temporary nail on the outer surface, so that when the carrier removed.

5. Chinese and foreign language writing must be accurate and easy to understand, should not be scrawled. To take care of the status quo of Hong Kong, Macao and overseas Chinese, it is necessary to adopt Chinese traditional characters as much as possible.

6. Neutral packaging requirements

Neutral packaging is a kind of not only indicate the production country, place name and factory name, do not indicate the original trademark and brand of goods packaging. As a means of selling goods. We use it, mainly to break certain countries and regions of my goods to implement high tariffs and unreasonable quota restrictions, so that my goods can enter these markets. At present, neutral packaging is divided into non-neutral packaging and Dingban neutral packaging, the purpose is to expand the market to adapt to the characteristics of the international market, for example, teaching equipment exports should be the most favorable use of neutral packaging. The international market packaging increasingly toward the display, exhibition, carry and use the direction of development, but also to the scientific, advertising, art development. We should conduct regular research and research, and constantly improve the packaging, for export services.


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