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The status and development of paper packaging in the field of packaging

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Paper packaging in the field of packaging in the protagonist position has been established. The rapid growth of demand for commodity packaging in the contemporary world, and the rapid development of chemical, mechanical, printing, mechanics and materials science, will push the paper packaging industry to a new level.

Predict the future paper packaging exhibition is:

First, materials

1. The expansion of papermaking raw materials: mainly with all kinds of grass pulp made of wood pulp with paper product quality.

2. Type of material development: mainly a variety of paper-based composite materials development.

3. Recycling technology research.

Second, the design

1 strength, the progress of buffer research and the results of the transformation work has attracted the full attention, the computer in the packaging structure design application will greatly update the design method.

2. Variety of patterns and decorative design, and commodity economy will be synchronized development.

Third, production

I, to improve production efficiency and product quality as the center of the modernization process.

2. Standardization of quality testing, will become the basis for domestic and international packaging production and use of convergence.


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