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Quantitative packaging of goods concept and characteristics

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To meet the requirements of the net content of quantitative packaging products, we must first understand what is the quantitative packaging of goods, it has what characteristics, these features on the net content control will have what effect. Broadly speaking, quantitative packaging of goods is for the purpose of sales, with a uniform amount of value marked pre-packaged goods, it has the following four characteristics.

(L) Quantitative packaging is a commodity

It is for the purpose of sales. Since it is a commodity, its commodity volume is the basis for trade settlement, it must have rules to regulate, to ensure the interests of both sides of the trade.

(2) Quantitative packaging of goods is pre-packaged goods

Quantitative packaging of goods in the trade settlement before the pre-packaged, that is, pre-packaged goods. Corresponding to the non-pre-packaged goods, that is, bulk goods.

(3) Quantitative packaging of goods is the amount of pre-packaged goods

Since the quantitative packaging of goods must be marked on the packaging "net content", so it is marked with the amount of pre-packaged goods.

(4) Quantitative packaging of goods is a quantitative pre-packaged goods

The most important feature of quantitative packaging is that its net content is "quantitative". In other words, the net content of quantitative packaging products is certain, uniform, is produced in batches, each batch has the same net content.


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