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The advantages of whiteboard paper for packaging materials

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As an important sales of packaging materials, white board production has a hundred years of history, China's production of whiteboard has also been more than 50 years. With the development of commodity economy, white paperboard for the needs of the largest packaging, which is because the white cardboard with other packaging materials is difficult to compare the advantages:


(1) has a high processing performance and mechanical properties. Including good stiffness and folding resistance, resistance to deformation and mechanical adaptability. High-speed continuous production. The stiffness of the paperboard is proportional to its thickness and the quality of the materials used in each layer, and the filler (such as talc) of the paperboard will obviously improve the surface smoothness, but also reduce the stiffness.

(2) has excellent printing performance. Its surface is tough and elastic, and has a high whiteness, smoothness, sizing and flat strength, and thus its printing adaptability is better.

(3) has a good cushioning performance, made of cartons can better protect the goods.

(4) can save wood resources, white cardboard can be recycled, which can save a lot of wood, on the one hand from the role of environmental protection, while reducing production links, can reduce environmental pollution.

(5) good composite. Can use white cardboard as a substrate, and other materials composite, access to a variety of packaging performance of advanced packaging cardboard materials.


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