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The outer surface of the box is molded by RTM

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The traditional resin transfer molding (RTM) is a method of infiltrating the resin into the sealing mold and curing the curing material. The improved RTM process is vacuum-assisted to form the same, and the surface quality is excellent, the porosity is excellent Low production cycle, the production process automation adaptability, low investment, high efficiency, and the workpiece fiber volume with a high.Compared with other processes, vacuum assisted injection molding has the following advantages:

(1) mold low cost, mold mattress to bear a large injection pressure, nor to shape pressure.

(2) in the vacuum pressure of the resin will be completely penetrated, infiltration increased by 9. Material to avoid the white, the formation of pores.

(3) molded products with a high fiber, high performance, low porosity.

(4) As a closed-form molding process, vacuum-assisted injection molding in the resin curing cycle of the process of limiting the evaporation of cross-linking agent, the environment is almost no pollution.

The outer surface of the box requires a beautiful, internal surface size requirements, 9 degrees demanding, variety, small batch one, suitable for RTM injection molding. 


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