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The Cause of Pollution Caused by Carton Factory and Its Treatment

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With the rapid development of industry, the state more and more attention to environmental governance, to prevent environmental pollution, maintaining ecological balance has become an important factor in the healthy development of society, cartons caused by the process of what pollution will be how to treat it? Here to introduce:

Raw material problem

Substandard impurities more raw materials will cause serious pollution of water quality, so to strictly control the purchase of raw materials, strict quality control, prefer to purchase a higher price, can not let the high content of impurities in the production of waste paper.

2. Production process problems

Because waste paper processing equipment is more backward, resulting in limited capacity of slag, many impurities can not be a good filter, causing pollution. Therefore, we should use advanced production facilities to achieve efficient energy-saving filter production requirements.

3. Production of water problems

Because the manufacture of paper requires a lot of water, so to minimize the discharge of waste water, so that the rational use of water resources. So to design a reasonable water flow process, to ensure the production of the case, as far as possible do not waste water, reduce waste water emissions.

4. Do not attach importance to management

Because there is no sound sewage treatment management system, so the control and supervision of sewage treatment links are not in place, resulting in improper discharge of sewage, it should be set up a strict anti-fouling system, adhere to strengthen the sewage filtration and wastewater discharge.


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