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Packaging design is a category of brand communication

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Packaging design is a category of brand communication, packaging design should have a unique image of the brand characteristics. The layout of the back of the packaging layout must be able to show the packaging design and the overall design style of the same picture characteristics, and can show its unique personality characteristics. Unique personality characteristics, can mobilize the consumer's attention and awareness, and enhance the brand's promotional efforts.

Product packaging graphics, color and the use of the text, to the classification of products as a benchmark, such as male supplies, female products, the difference. Male supplies packaging style, in the use of color to low brightness, low purity performance mostly graphics block surface tough, text commonly used in bold, variety and other fonts.

Women's packaging is bright color, bright, more soft lines of graphics, text selection, such as black, Arial, fine round and so on. Different types of packaging industry performance is not the same category, such as science and technology product packaging, the screen style calm and simple, and corporate visual image VIS unified; food products packaging, its style is active, bright colors, text graphics re-decoration sense.


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