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Brief Analysis of the Importance of Waterproof Packaging

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In the transport, storage process, some are open-air handling, in some transit stations, terminals, transit goods are mostly open-air storage, and therefore will be the showers, even the rain, heavy rains and suffered rain.

When the surface drainage is poor, but also by the area of water soak, so that damage to the packaging, such as the rain can make the area of water depth of hundreds of millimeters, so that the package under the dip in the water in some special circumstances , Such as to the flood area relief supplies, the package may need to be soaked in water for some time, then you need to have a package to withstand the ability to flood.

Some of the means of transport is a convertible, some shipping is the goods loaded on the deck above, or no canopy, in case of rain by rain or blisters. So some of the transport package need to use rain or waterproof packaging to prevent rain, river, river, lake, sea water, droplets and other damage to the packaging.

In addition, the rain not only affects the performance of the box, so that some of the material moisture damage, and, once the rain into the package, may make the product moisture content, corrosion and mildew. At the same time the rain often contains a variety of cations and anions, these ions will be converted into acid, alkali and salt substances, which is to promote the corrosion of the contents of an important factor.

Therefore, it is necessary to adopt anti-rain measures and waterproof packaging for the packaging of transport packages. It is necessary to avoid the erosion of the package and the protection of product performance and use value in the transportation and storage environment.


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