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What materials can be used for flexible packaging?

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The use of paper, plastic, fabric and other soft elastic materials made of packaging, called soft packaging.

Transparent plastic bag

Printed on the trademark, description, certificate and model. The shoes into the post-sealing, so that shoes remain clean and clean, customers can choose without injury products. Both to promote the product, set off the beautiful shape of the shoes, but also save the shoe box, liner, certificate and brochures.

2. Die-casting shoe-shaped transparent box

Directly put the shoes into the shoe-shaped box sealed (with pull-type, buckle-style, sticky adhesive type) to enhance the transparency of shoes. Suitable as a gift box, such as children's shoes gift box, wedding shoes, such as shoes.

3. Paper, plastic, fabric class pocket

With paper, plastic or fabric made into the pocket to make the customer easy to carry.

4. High-grade shoe lining mat

Use cotton paper, velvet, hair polystyrene and other materials, made of a certain shape, as a filler into the shoe box. It is attached to the packaging in the box. Its purpose is to protect the shoes to avoid friction with each other, but also set off shoes, improve the value and grade.


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