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Common packaging classification method

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① by level points

There are primary packs (eg, one smoke), two packs (eg, some cigarettes in cartons) and three packs (pallet containers). General sales of packaging are primary packaging, carton transport packaging is a two-tier packaging, unit combination packaging is a three-tier packaging.

② by the packaging function to points

Can be divided into transport packaging and sales packaging. The former is in the transport process to protect the product and facilitate storage and transportation, which is easy to sell and consumers use.

③ according to the packaging materials to points

There are hard packaging (metal, glass and ceramic, etc.), semi-hard packaging (plastic boxes, bottles, etc.) and flexible packaging (plastic film and paper, etc.).

④ by the sales location to points

There are domestic packaging and export packaging. Export packaging in the air damping, moisture and other aspects of anti-rust than the domestic packaging requirements are often more demanding and strict.

⑤ by user points

There are civilian, military needs and special needs packaging. Military, special packaging than the civilian packaging requirements more stringent.

⑥ whether the packaging can be recycled.

There is no recycling packaging and recycling packaging. Such as glass bottles can be recycled, while some thermosetting plastics can not be recycled, can only be burned.


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